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package lab09; p import static org.junit.Assert.*; i import org.junit.Test; i public class RectangleTest { p @Test public void testRectangle() { Rectangle r = new Rectangle(5, 4); assertEquals("width", 5, r.getWidth()); assertEquals("height", 4, r.getHeight()); a } @Test public void testGetArea() { Rectangle r = new Rectangle(5, 4); assertEquals("area", 20, r.getArea());
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Unformatted text preview: a } @Test public void testGetPerimeter() { Rectangle r = new Rectangle(5, 4); assertEquals("perimeter", 14, r.getPerimeter()); } @Test public void testIsSquare() { Rectangle r = new Rectangle(5, 5); assertTrue("square", r.isSquare()); r = new Rectangle(3, 5); assertFalse("non-square", r.isSquare()); a } }...
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