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Physical Chem Notes-Practice 21

Physical Chem Notes-Practice 21 - Exercises to prepare for...

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Exercises to prepare for Feedback #5 A) A mole of molecules absorbed a mole of photons, for a total energy increase of 400 kJ. Each photon had the same frequency. What was the frequency and wavelength of the photons? B) Problem 8.4 (8 th Ed.) or 7.4 (9 th Ed.), do parts ( a) and ( d) , only . For a, use the approximation that ψ is constant over the range of x considered. For d, use logic. C) The value of a wavefunction is constant ( ψ( x ) = c ) for 0 x 2 x 10 -10 meters. If the probability of finding the particle between 0 and 2 x 10 -10 (2 nm) meters is 0.01, what is the value and units of c? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The numbers refer to the Exercises (not Problems) in Physical Chemistry , 8 th Edition , by Peter Atkins and Julio De Paula. Numerical answers for the (b) exercises these are available in the back of the textbook, and more complete answers are in the Student Solutions Manual. 8.1
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