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There are several ways to document the causes and effects. The book shows putting each cause and effect together as one paragraph and having each paragraph numbered. Or you can do it the way it is set up below. You can have one cause and many effects or many causes and one effect or a combination of these two possibilities. For opportunities, you would only have effects. The numbering below in the “Causes and Effects” column are just samples. It does not imply that the first problem will have one cause and three effects. Since the proposed system is a new development, the System Constraints are “unknown.” PROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS MATRIX Project: Equipment Check-Out System Project Manager: Terry Schoonover Created by: Brandon Berne Last Updated by: Brandon Berne Date Created: 18:02:03 Date Last Updated: 18:02:03 CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT OBJECTIVES Problem or Opportunity Causes and Effects System Objective System Constraint Rush of Employees @ beginning/
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BrandonBerne_Week2_Milestone2_ProblemMatrix - There are...

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