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Brandon Berne 5/23/2010 Week4 ILab Why use a foreign key? From what I’ve been able to learn you use a foreign key to ensure table integrity. They’re also used to establish relationships between tables. Where does a foreign key go in your entities and why? A foreign key always goes in a child entity. Entity Definition Matrix Entity Name Business Definition Check-Ins The act of returning equipment that was out in an employee’s possession. Check-Outs The act of lending equipment for an employee to use. damage injury or harm impairing the function or condition of a person or thing Employee a worker who is hired to perform a job Employee Id A numeric identification method for employees Equip ID A numeric Identification method for keeping track of tools.
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Unformatted text preview: internal database A list of all the equipment available to be checked out or in. maintenance managers Person in charge over supervisors. outstanding loans Equipment that is currently checked out. qty in Amount of equipment being returned. qty out Amount of equipment being checked out Brandon Berne 5/23/2010 Week4 ILab skill classification Set of a that person posses to allow them to perform certain tasks that require a level of training. supervisor Person in charge over employees. tracked equipment Equipment which is monitored by location/employee/skill classification untracked equipment Equipment that is unmonitored and still expected to be returned....
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BrandonBerne_Week4_Assignment - internal database A list of...

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