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Sharing Files In order to share files across the network, first we have to share a folder. Security is very important. We want to make sure that only the appropriate people see the files. There are two levels of security. First, we can control access to the share. Second, we can control access to the file system (NTFS). Controlling access to the file system is the most important because even if the user gains access to the computer itself, the NTFS permissions determine what the user can do. Share permissions are only applicable when the user is accessing the files from over the network. DELIVERABLES: Insert the four screen-shots as described below Launch the “Win2003 + XP” environment. First create two users on the server. One of them needs to contain your last name. If you don’t remember how, refer to the lab on creating users and Organizational Units. You need to create two groups – Networking and Accounting. Put the user with your last name in Networking. Put the other one in Accounting. To create Global groups: 1. Start Active Directory Users and Computers and expand the and Users portions of the tree. 2. In the right pane, right-click and then select new->Group . The New Object- Group dialog box opens. 3. In the Group name text box, type: Accounting Note that the group scope is Global 4. Click OK . 5. Repeat the above tasks to create a group for Networking. To put users in global groups: 1. Right click on the user based on your own name and select Properties. 2.
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BrandonBerne_Week5_Lab_sharingfiles - Sharing Files In...

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