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Linux – Adding Users In Linux, there are multiple ways to add users. You are going to do it two ways. First, you are going to use the GUI to add a user. It is easy and it is more like Windows. Then, you are going to remotely connect to the Linux computer. When you logon remotely, you just have a shell prompt – no GUI available. You have to use the command-line version of adding a user this time. DELIVERABLES: Insert the three screen-shots as described below Launch the “Linux + XP ” environment. To add a user using the GUI: 1. Click the red hat->System Settings->Users And Groups 2. Click the Add User button in the upper left. 3. Fill in the following information: User Name: mnoia Full Name: Mary Noia Password and Confirm Password: Password% Notice that it is going to create a home directory at /home/mnoia 4. Click OK . 5. Click on mnoia on the main pane and then click Properties 6. Click the Account Info tab. Note that you can set an expiration date and lock the account. 7. Click the Password Info tab. Note that the password settings are similar to those that you saw in the Group Policy lab assignment. 8. Click Cancel to exit the Properties window 9. Click File->Quit to exit the User window Now that we have a user, we want to be able to log on to the Linux computer from
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BrandonBerne_Week6_Lab8linuxusers - Linux Adding Users In...

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