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Configuring a Samba server The administrative user name in Linux is called root. In this lab, we needed to create the same user in Linux that exists in Windows XP so a user called administrator with a password of (you guessed it) password has already been created in Linux. This matches the username and password on the XP PC. Launch the “Linux + XP ” environment. 1. In a terminal window, type: smbpasswd –a administrator password (You may get an error about the passdb database, that is OK) 2. Type: ifconfig (and press Enter) This will give you a list of IP addresses. Use the first three numbers in the IP address that begins with “10” in place of the “10.0.29” as shown below. Also, write the complete IP address. You will need it for the last step on the XP computer. 3. In a terminal window, type: kedit /etc/samba/smb.conf 4. On line 18, change MYGROUP to WORKGROUP After line 28, add: hosts allow = 10.0.29. 5.
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BrandonBerne_Week7_Lab10_samba-1 - Configuring a Samba...

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