Week7Objectives - Explain in general terms "What is a...

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Explain in general terms "What is a frame?" and what information is normally contained in a frame. A frame is an updated digital (meaning 0’s and 1’s as opposed to analog waves) form of X.25(an older packet switched analog signal designed for long distance transmissions with a max throughput of 2.048Mbps) that doesn’t guarantee reliable delivery. It checks for errors and leaves correction up to higher levels in the OSI model. Frames have less overhead. In short frames contain packets. Using the appropriate levels of the OSI model, explain the source of physical and logical addresses. As long as I understand what’s being asked the OSI model that a logical address is handled through is the network layer as well as the physical addresses, it’s worth mentioning that the physical addresses also change hop to hop as the physical address is determines by the NIC on the node that the frames are passing through. For IP networks, IP address is the logical address; and for Novell network, IPX address is the logical address, and so on. Describe the roles of various network devices, such as repeaters, hubs, bridges, routers switches and modems (if time permits, describe the basics of IGRP and RIP) in connecting networks or network segments and relate the discussion to the OSI Model. Repeater is a device used to regenerate a signal after it begins losing strength . Hub- A network device usually with one uplink port usually connected to a network’s backbone, it
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Week7Objectives - Explain in general terms "What is a...

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