Brooke Huntley, Week 1, Appendix B

Brooke Huntley, Week 1, Appendix B - setting or studied...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Complete the following chart. The first column shows the name of a research method used in psychology. In the second column, write a brief description of that research method. In the third column, provide a situation when this method could be applied. Research Method Description Application Scientific method organized way that scientists use to test ideas and expand and refine their knowledge based on careful observation and experimentation Applied when a psychologist needs to research a question Case study method psychologists draw carefully constructed portraits of the lives of individuals in order to better understand their behavior. This would help in any situation for a psychiatrist to help them better understand their clients and be able to help them move forward. Survey method learn about attitudes and behaviors that cannot be directly observed in the natural
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Unformatted text preview: setting or studied experimentally Questionnaires and interviews to large numbers of individuals Naturalistic observation method observe people in their natural habitats Help psychologist understand in more depth of how people act and live by not just seeing them in an office setting Correlation method psychologists investigate whether one observed behavior or measured trait is related to, or correlated with, another See if people with one behavior will relate to another with the same behavior Experimental method determine cause-and-effect relationships, to answer questions such as whether physical activity lowers blood pressure, alcohol incites aggressive behavior, or This will help in the understanding of why ones health is the way it is and or why their relationship is there or not and why. PSY 210 psychotherapy relieves feelings of anxiety PSY 210...
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Brooke Huntley, Week 1, Appendix B - setting or studied...

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