Brooke Huntley, Week 4, Checkpoint

Brooke Huntley, Week 4, Checkpoint - If this stress...

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Week 4 Checkpoint Brooke Huntley Mat/117 01/14/2011 Donna Volk
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I should experience parts of each step in the adaptation syndrome. During the first step, the alarm reaction, I should experience the endocrine system, sympathetic division, autonomic nervous system, parasympathetic division. I should experience the resistance stage and the exhaustion stage. The hormones will have a major effect on my emotional state. My emotions could be bouncing back and forth between sad, mad, and overwhelmed with exhaustion and anxiety. I would feel a sense of dread and foreboding. Depression could definitely occur if I am not allowed to prove myself time and time I try.
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Unformatted text preview: If this stress continues it could take a major blow to my immune system. This in turn will make sure my body is too weak to fight off any or all bacteria that can cause me to get sick. Inflammation can occur and increased blood flow to an injured area of the body, resulting in redness, warmth, and increased supply of white blood cells. The best way to solve this is to accept things that could possibly happen and prepare for the stress. Try to not over due everything and try to learn some calming techniques so when you start to feel the anxiety creeping you can use it before it overwhelms you to much....
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Brooke Huntley, Week 4, Checkpoint - If this stress...

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