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Personal Communication Report Shelly Hall COM 102 Mary Ann Troy August 1, 2008 1
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Personal Communication Report Most people communicate with one another in some form or another almost every moment of the day. Whether verbal, nonverbal, by body language, or attitude, there are many characteristics of language. In addition, understanding perceptions, environments and the process by which we communicate can be beneficial in becoming a more effective communicator in our professional and personal lives. First impressions are important, in the information age as well as in person. In a time when people spend more time responding to others electronically than in person, having an understanding of the language used to communicate is important. For example, typing using all caps, or “yelling” is inappropriate for a casual conversation or business email. Using all caps sets a harsh tone for the conversation and is distracting for the reader. Another distracting aspect of electronic communication is grammatical errors, which can have a negative impact. Resumes and business correspondence should be free of spelling and grammatical errors as well as free of colloquialisms and especially profanity. Taking foreign cultures and language into account is essential when phrasing statements or questions. For example, an individual in a foreign country has most likely learned proper English and would not understand jargon we use her in America. Phrases such as “in the heat of the moment” would make little sense to that person. Understanding the reader or audience is important in any type of communication. When communicating in person, there are
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Communication Essay - Personal Communication Report Shelly...

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