Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment - Crime and Punishment COMM/215...

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Crime and Punishment? COMM/215 September 4, 2008 By; Shelly Hall Instructor; Thomas Hays 1
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Crime and Punishment? Lawmakers created laws for our protection and most of the time, the laws that were created have kept citizens safe and law abiding. There are many criminals among us, so the laws are also there to punish those who commit crimes. Most of my life, I have believed that people who were in prison or who had been convicted of a crime were guilty. I believed our judicial system was fair and just and took every measure to ensure that innocent people did not pay for crimes they did not commit. Not to say the system is perfect but the majority of the time, justice prevailed. Several experiences over the last few years have changed my opinion and although this may be a controversial subject, I have decided to focus on one instance in particular that has changed the idea I valued much of my life. A close and personal friend of mine, who wishes to remain nameless, went through a terrible experience several years ago that seemed so unfair and this situation has bothered me terribly ever since. My friend has a son whom was 18-years-old at the time of the incident. His girlfriend, at the time, was 16-years-old. The two had dated since he was 16 and she 14. They were both good kids who made decent grades in school and both were talking about attending college, along with their other plans for the future together. The girl’s mother happened to find out that the teens were having sex, which naturally, infuriated her and in her rage report this to
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Crime and Punishment - Crime and Punishment COMM/215...

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