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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill English 124: Reading Comics Fall 2011 Dr. Elyse Crystall PAPERS Papers are due at the beginning of class on the assigned due date. Please arrange to print your papers well ahead of time, as there are often long lines in the computer labs. Printer problems and other excuses will not be accepted, and late papers will be penalized even if turned in late during class or later the same day. You must SIGN all of your written work on the title page of your paper, indicating that you have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in completing those assignments. Failure to do so will lead to an "F" on the assignment. All papers MUST BE typed, double-spaced, and stapled in the upper left-hand corner. You may print on both sides. I reserve the right to refuse a paper that does not meet these requirements. I do not accept any work sent by email, slipped under my office door, or left in my mailbox. You will lose credit if you do not follow the eight paper writing guidelines (see next page for guidelines). You will also lose credit if you do not follow the directions in the next paragraph. Be sure that your title page (a separate piece of paper attached to the front; you can print on the back- side of it) includes your name and your signature, the date the paper is due , the course number, the instructor's name (Dr. Elyse Crystall), a title that represents the content of paper, a word count, and the topic you are addressing (please put keywords from the question of the topic on the title page to avoid confusion: see below). Please number all pages, except the title page ; PAGE 1 IS THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR PAPER, NOT THE TITLE PAGE; margins should be 1-1.25 inches all around; I request that you use a font and size type that is large enough for me to read (such as Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12) and a printer that has enough ink to make the words dark and legible. You will write two response papers directly related to the course readings. Each paper should be approximately 1000 words and must be focused and well organized (see Paper Guidelines for more details). The purpose of these papers is to provide you with multiple opportunities to explore further some of your ideas in writing. You will be given topics and you must write one paper on two different topics during the course of the semester. Each group will be given specific due dates and you will write on the text and the specific pages due the day your paper is due. You are to rely EXCLUSIVELY on your own ideas and thoughts for these papers. Do not do any outside reading or research. Each individual hands in her or his own paper. PAPER TOPICS Below is a list of three paper topics. You will use a total of two different topics: one topic for each paper. Be sure to identify on your title page which topic you are using for that particular paper. You may only use each topic once. Each topic has questions that are guides; you do not need to address them all. If choose to address a different aspect of the text to substitute for one of the topics
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124 papers - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill...

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