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ART+158+Chronology - Neolithic Bronze/Iron ages 6000BCE-300...

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ART 158 Chronology China through the Qin Dynasty: Pre-dynastic China: Yangshao 5000-2750 BCE Longshan c. 3000-1700 BCE Liangzhu 3300-2250 BCE Xia 2205-1766 BCE Shang 1766-1045 BCE Zhou 1045-256 BCE Qin: 221-206 BCE Korea through Naknang:
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Unformatted text preview: Neolithic Bronze/Iron ages 6000BCE-300 CE Naknang 108 BCE-313CE Japan through the Archaelogical ages: Jomon c.10,500-300BCE Yayoi c. 300 BCE- c. 300 CE Kofun (Haniwa culture) 248-646CE...
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