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Customer Analysis 1. Bases for segmenting consumer market: Geographic The Japanese specialist predicted that in 10 years, motorbike was still main means in Vietnamese transportation and then the total of motorbike in Viet nam was 30,000,000 and the population was 100,000,000 (Minh Khoi,2007). In a report of Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade(Xe may ban tot, 13th October ,2008), the number of motorbike used in2008 was 20,000,000 and in 2015 will be 35,000,000.According to Mr. Ngo Dinh Tuan ,a Marketing manager of Yamaha Vietnam, the South and Centre market are 2 place consuming motorbike most with the growth rate from30% to 40% annually (Minh Khoi,2007) .And in the annually statistic of Vietnam Ministry of industry and Trade (Xe may ban tot,13 th October ,2008) the number of consuming motorbike in20 provinces, large and crowded cities (such as Hochiminh ,
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Unformatted text preview: Hanoi, Nghe An ,Thanh Hoa,An Giang ,Binh Duong,Dong Nai…) is 2/3 of the total. The requirement of motorbike in Vietnam is continuously increasing due to the raise of people working in city including: students and workers. The rate of using motorbike is quite high in Hanoi and Hochiminh city with 30% and 35% respectively (Xe may ban tot, 13th October,2008).In rural, price of agricultural produce or farm produce is increase so many people have money to buy motorbike. From these statistics, It can be said that Vietnamese motorbike market is still potential and profitable market for Honda Vietnam 2. Decision type of customer for the Honda motorbike...
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