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- 1 - AWSA II STATEMENT Commencement of construction of A2 Motorway Świecko - Nowy Tomyśl (105.9 km) Construction of the Western section of A2 Motorway has begun and will be completed prior to EURO 2012 Football Championships, providing a ling between Polish and European motorways. On 16 July 2009 a ground breaking ceremony took place on the Western section of the existing motorway, in Bolewice, commencing the construction of A2 section from Świecko to Nowy Tomyśl. The ceremony was performed by the Minister of Infrastructure Cezary Grabarczyk, General Director of National Roads and Motorways Lech Witecki, President of the Company Autostrada Wielkopolska II S.A. Andrzej Patalas and president of Strabag SE Hans Peter Haselsteiner. INTENDED CONSTRUCTION WORKS A2 section from Nowy Tomysl to Świecko will be the one of the longest motorway stretches in Poland to be built with concrete pavement. The cost of construction of 105.9 km of A2 section Świecko – Nowy Tomyśl is EUR 1.298 billion, that is EUR 12.2 million per kilometer of a fully equipped motorway. The program agreed by the parties provides for the opening the road to traffic prior to EURO 2012. The general contractor is the company A2 Strada (with major shareholders being Kulczyk Holding S.A and Strabag AG (Austria)). The scope of works includes inter alia : 105.9 km of concrete pavement motorway, including rehabilitation of 18.5 km of the existing national Road No.2 81 new bridges and overbridges with the target number of bridge structures being 87 2 O
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