Check04D - P Item milk = new Item(ITEM_NUMBER, ITEM_NAME,...

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import type.lib.Item; import java.util.Scanner; import; i public class Check04D { public static String store(String value) { System.out.printf("%s . .. ", value); S return new Scanner(; } public static void main(String[] args) { final String QUANTITY = "Quantity purchased"; final String COST = "Cost of purchase"; final String ITEM_NUMBER = "750"; final String ITEM_NAME = "Milk carton"; final double ITEM_PRICE = 3.45; f PrintStream output = System.out;
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Unformatted text preview: P Item milk = new Item(ITEM_NUMBER, ITEM_NAME, ITEM_PRICE); int quantity = Integer.parseInt(store(QUANTITY)); double cost = Double.parseDouble(store(COST)); d output.printf("First Order: %n"); milk.purchase(quantity, cost); m output.printf("Second Order: %n"); milk.purchase(quantity, cost); m output.printf("toString yields . ..... %s%n", milk.toString()); output.printf("getUnitCost yields . .. %.2f", milk.getUnitCost()); } }...
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