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import java.util.Scanner; import; i public class Check03A { public static void main(String[] args) { final int ZERO_SHIFT = 32; final double SCALE_FACTOR = 5.0/9.0; f int fahrenheit; double celsius; String buffer = "a"; S Scanner input = new Scanner(; PrintStream output = System.out; P output.println("Enter the temperature in Fahrenheit"); o try t { buffer = input.nextLine();
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Unformatted text preview: fahrenheit = Integer.parseInt(buffer); if (fahrenheit <= -250) { throw new RuntimeException("Value out of Range"); } celsius = SCALE_FACTOR * (fahrenheit - ZERO_SHIFT); c output.printf("%d F = %.1f C %n", fahrenheit, celsius); o } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) { output.println("The number is not an integer. .."); } } }...
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