According to Stiff and Mongeau

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According to Stiff and Mongeau “an attitude is an oretical construction created by social scientists to explain the different reactions that people have toward similar objects or situations.” They are not directly observable which makes it more difficult to measure than behaviors. Rokeach, Fishbein, and Ajzen’s definitions of attitude conceptualize it as a combination of beliefs about a particular object, situation, or behavior. Also, they are consistent with hovland, Janis, and Kelly;’s assertion that attitude change is dependent upon the addition or alteration of a person’s belief. Scientists believe that attitude guide and direct human behavior. According to Stiff and Mongeau “the utility of any persuasive theory emphasizing attitudes is dependent on the predictive strength of the corresponding attitude-behavior relationship.” LaPiere was the first to investigate the relationship between people’s attitudes and corresponding behaviors. After he found that there was an inconsistency between the establishment’s, in which he
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