COM 527 Pop analysis

COM 527 Pop analysis - When controversy surrounds us on all...

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When controversy surrounds us on all sides with everything from the economical crisis to the debates over gay marriage and abortion, it is virtually impossible to remain unengaged in political discourse, and even less possible to remain neutral. From celebrities to political figures to whole corporations, political discourse is represented in the vehicle of pop culture that is driven by the media. This once subtle aspect of American life has become a ubiquitous requisite for understanding American culture and gaining exposure to society and public opinion. There exists today a fervency in the use of political communication in American youth. This fervency is could be due to the crises that the country is faced with and the recognition of the voice of individual logic. The youth of contemporary society seem to find their voice through displays of political standpoint provided by the media. Some celebrities have even made a habit of expressing political viewpoint and encouraging audiences to recognize their voice in the affirmative of a certain message. One such celebrity is P!nk. This outspoken rock princess has been known to say what she thinks without regard for public opinion or social law. In a song she wrote titled, “Dear Mr. President”, she addresses the faults of the infamous former president, George Bush. She uses language to exhibit her political views through music. The song itself is void of subtext with a very explicit message whose language has an overtly accusatory tone. It is written in the style of an informal, but strongly worded letter. It addresses some of the issues that are the cause social separation and political discourse in society today. This exhibition of accusations expressed in the form of questions and human emotions is a representation of how members of the public feel toward the government and George Bush in general.
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The argument is that discourse in this venue (pop culture) with the use of language that represents but one perspective of political view, and is accurate in that representation is useful to the citizens that serve as the audience to such discourse. One of the many dangers of such venue is that the audience members have the potential to become overtaken by the enchantment of pop culture to such a degree as to conform to the messages being sent without regard for individual contribution to discourse. It has been concluded that an effective consensus “requires that each individual contribute independently out of his experience and insight” (Asch, 1955). Used as a tool, however, pop culture politics has the potential to effectively reach and activate the disembodied
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COM 527 Pop analysis - When controversy surrounds us on all...

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