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Quiz1b_KEY_Sp11 - Name_KEY IE330 Spring 2011 Quiz#1b 24...

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Name: __________KEY_______________________________ B IE330 Spring 2011 Quiz #1b 24 January 2011 KEEP THIS SIDE FACING UP UNTIL TOLD TO START. ENSURE YOUR SEAT NUMBER MATCHES THE NUMBER ON THIS QUIZ.
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Name: __________KEY_______________________________ B Match the definitions with the symbols listed below: 1. (10 points) Population mean _____m____ 2. (10 points) Sample standard deviation _____f____ 3. (10 points) An estimate for a parameter _____b____ 4. (10 points) Sample variance _____j____ a. 2 x b. ˆ c. ˆ d. 2 ˆ e. f. s g. s ˆ h. 2 ˆ s i. x ˆ j. 2 s k. ˆ l. x m. n. 2 o. p. 2 ˆ x 5. (10 points) Which of the following is not a measure of dispersion ? 6. (25 points) Suppose 0.087 x is being used as an estimate of the mean of a population whose distribution is
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