Sex education essay

Sex education essay - In todays society, there is a big...

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In today’s society, there is a big ongoing controversial debate over sex education and its effect on the young adults. As more and more teens, who have been sexually aroused are borne to developed sexually transmitted disease. With the technology such as internet, laptop, smartphone and magazine, more and more teen are being exposed to sexually explicit materials in the 21 st century, which have led to many teen pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted disease such as HIV etc. Therefore, the role of sex education is very important these days to stop the young adult from spreading the disease and from teen pregnancy. As sex education at school and home is essential because sex education is not just about sex which also includes body image and self-esteem to help prevent them from being exposed at an early age without the knowledge of sex education. Thus, sex education is very crucial and plays a vital role to young teenage and without delivering sex education we will put the young adults in dangers. One of the first steps in educating young teens is about the major changes in their body, which need more explanation about the puberty. For example, I was surprised to know that after certain age, both boys and girls pubic hair will grow at an early age and does know nothing about puberty and hormone change. Therefore, sex education will help children to cope with many
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Sex education essay - In todays society, there is a big...

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