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mini test 2 - MINI TEST 2 According to your instructor...

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MINI TEST 2 According to your instructor, subcultures can be powerful segmentation variables because people have more choice about the subcultures they choose to identify with. This means? b. They are more likely to seek out products that affirm their membership in the subculture One of the ways that attitudes about a product change over time is through ________________ or experiences with the product after it has been purchased. c. Experiential learning Which of the following is NOT information that is available categorized by NAICS codes? a. Current price data Desiree knows that she does not have very much money. Yet she dreams of being rich and famous like one of those Hollywood stars you see on television all the time. Her one luxury is to buy fashionable designer dresses just like those worn on her favorite television shows. In order to survive, she eats day old bread and lots of rice because it is very inexpensive. Desiree's desire to save money on food which she eats alone is motivated by her ____________? b. Actual self image. People may not be conscious of their true motivation for purchasing a specific product. This is especially true for socially consumed products such as luxury cars and designer fashions. They may say they are purchasing these products because they are of high quality or an excellent value. The real reason is more likely to be: d. Luxury products are a way for them to maintain their self image. Bruce is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings Football team. He was watching a game between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco Fortyniners on San Francisco television station. He expected that the announcers would favor the local team and it appeared that he was right. Even though a national media agency gave the local announcers an award for the most unbiased coverage ever in a televised football game, Bruce remained convinced that the announcers had favored the local team. This is an example of ______________? c. Selective interpretation Which of the following is NOT a motive for a business customer to purchase a product? c. To negotiate a price so low that the supplier actually loses money on each transaction. Which of the following is NOT a factor a business customer is likely to consider when making the decision to purchase an industrial product? c. Visa or mastercard According to your textbook, what is the most significant determinant of the type of new car purchase? d. The presence of children in the family Which of the following statements about professional buyers is FALSE? 1
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d. The goal of the professional buyer is get the lowest purchase price. Which of the following statements about attitudes is FALSE? a. Attitudes are permanent According to your instructor, which of the following is one of the LEAST important influences on the consumer buying process?
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