mini test 6 - Mini test 6 When you are dealing with the _...

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Mini test 6 When you are dealing with the ____________ characteristic of a service, one approach is to institute procedure manuals and training programs so that your service employees will know how they are supposed to deal with customers. a. Variability (Inconsistency) Not-for-profit organizations need to use complementary positioning because. ..? a. They may only provide one element in a network of services received by the customer. Delilah just bought a new cell phone. She signed a contract that gave her 1,000 anytime minutes, voice mail, call forwarding, ringtones, the ability to download mp3’'s, and free calls to others who used the same service. The cell phone was free as long as she agreed to use the service for two years. In terms of the goods-services continuum, this is an example of a _____________? a. Service dominated offering Paolo was applying for a new job. He sent his resume to, an online resume consulting company. Two days later, he received his resume back with several suggestions on how he could improve it. is an example of a(n) ____________________ ? a. Information processing Which of the following statements about pricing in the not-for-profit sector is FALSE? a. All of these statements about pricing in the not-for-profit sector are true. b. Financial goals are secondary to non-financial goals c. The price to the customer may be below the cost of providing the service with the difference made up by a third party. d. many not-for profits use "sliding scale" fees where people who can afford to pay more are charged higher fees. e. Embarrasment or sweat equity may be non-monetary componenets of the not-for-profit price to the customer. The basic issue when you are dealing with the __________ characteristic of services is that the time or capacity to provide services is limited and fixed? e. Perishability (Inventory) If customers purchase your product and find that it performs as well or better than they expected, they will be forming _______________ an important step in creating brand equity? a. Positive Brand associations A major disadvantage of _________________ is that it can be very expensive to create a brand identity for each product. e. Individual product branding 1
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Campbell's soup has dozens of different flavors and packages of soup. All of them have the same distinctive red and white packaging. You have to read the label to tell the varieties of soup apart. This is an example of: d. Multiproduct branding A _____________ is any word, device, or combination of these used to distinguish a seller's goods or services? d. Brand name A ______________ is a brand name or a service mark that has been granted legal protection by the U.S. government. c. Trademark
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mini test 6 - Mini test 6 When you are dealing with the _...

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