mini test 9 - _ is communication by marketers that informs,...

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______________ is communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response. a. Promotion Which of the following is NOT a major barrier to the execution of integrated marketing campaigns? e. It requires the development of a creative platform to coordinate marketing messages throughout the company The basic communication model describes how a message is transmitted from a sender to a receiver. The only way a sender can know whether the message has been received is through? c. Feedback The basic communication model describes how a message is transmitted from a sender to a receiver. The __________ is the medium used to transmit the encoded message to the receiver? e. Channel of communication Which of the following statements about the AIDA model of persuasive communication is TRUE? d. This is a sequential process; all persuasive messages have to go through the four stages. Sanjeev was opening a new shrimp farm in Louisiana. Shrimp is the number one selling seafood in the United States and he felt that growing demand would allow a new business to succeed. In order to find customers for his product, he sent samples of his 16 ounce package to the seafood buyers of the 15 largest grocery store chains. Along with the sample was an offer for 50% off the wholesale cost of shrimp for the first order. Sanjeev was using a ______ promotion strategy? d. Push In class, we discussed several approaches to establishing a promotions budget. Which of these approaches is the one most commonly used in business? Choose one answer. a. Delphi method b. Percent of sales Which of the following forms of promotion is the most influential? e. Word of mouth Frequently, a retailer will offer a discount from its retail price. This _________ may be in order to move unsold inventory or to increase traffic into the store? d. Markdown _______________ refers to an approach to merchandising where a retailer may carry several unrelated lines of merchandise in order to meet the needs of its target market?
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b. Scrambled merchandising A ____________ franchise provides step by step procedures for most decisions a franchisee will face? b. Business-format When it comes to retail, the price-value heuristic means that when you are in a store that has what you perceive to be high prices; you would expect to receive exceptional ________? e. Service Which theory of retail evolution proposes that new retail concepts emerge, become popular, are widely imitated and then fade away? e. The retail life cycle Which element of the promotional mix usually compromises the largest part of the promotions budget? e. Personal selling The AIDA model for persuasive communication suggests there are four stages you need to go through in order to persuade somebody. The LAST thing you have to do is?
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mini test 9 - _ is communication by marketers that informs,...

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