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mini test 10 - As a rule, when it comes to choosing between...

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As a rule, when it comes to choosing between advertising media, the higher the _________, the higher the cost? Choose one answer. a. Bandwidth In the California general election, it is not unusual for a company to run an advertisement for/against a proposition stating that the proposition is good/bad for the economy and a waste of tax dollars/source of tax revenue. The objective of these institutional advertisements is probably _______________? c. Advocacy A _______________ is a public relations activity where companies provide financial support to help fund an event in return for publicized recognition of the company's contribution a. Sponsorship What do we mean when we speak of advertising 'campaigns'? d. A series of advertisements in one or more media to achieve a specific objective for a limited time. ____________ is the marketing function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies areas within the organization the public may be interested in, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance? a. Public relations The Foreign Corrupt Practices act of 1977 makes it illegal for U.S. businesses to __________ foreign government officials, even if it is the custom do to so that country? d. Bribe One of the ethical issues in marketing is that some market segments, such as children or the elderly, may not fully understand the choices they are being asked to make. What is the proper approach to marketing to these ___________? d. Vulnerable groups _____________ is an ethical perspective that believes a decision is ethical if the benefits outweigh the cost? b. Utilitarianism One of the ethical issues in marketing is that it may be impossible to make a product that is 100% safe. In that case the company has to make a choice between the price of a product and ___________? c. Liability One of the ethical issues in marketing is establishing what is a fair price. Some pharmaceutical companies charge very high prices for life-saving drugs because they need to recover the massive amounts of money needed to bring a new drug to market. While there is no question this practice is __________, there is a question about whether it is ___________? a. Legal, ethical The objective of an advertisement for a product in the introductory stage of the product life cycle is probably ___________?
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e. Informing After the superbowl football game, Mark got a phone call from a Polling organization. The person on the phone asked Mark which commercials he remembered seeing during the Super Bowl. This is an example of a(n) ________________ test of advertising effectiveness? a. Unaided recall BruceCo introduced a new blend of coffee for amateur athletes. To encourage people to try the new product, the company ran advertisements in the local newspaper. People could cut out the advertisement and bring it in to the store for a free cup of the new coffee blend. This is an example of a ___________ sales promotion? a. Coupon
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mini test 10 - As a rule, when it comes to choosing between...

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