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AttemptFinal - Bruce has always wanted to own a Ferrari...

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Bruce has always wanted to own a Ferrari automobile. For him it will always be a dream because he will never be able to afford to buy one unless gets a better job and saves his money for several years. Is Bruce part of the potential market for Ferrari automobiles? b. No because he does not have the money to buy a Ferrari. ________________ is the basic unit of exchange? e. A transaction Which of the following is an expected outcome of the consumer buying process? C d. All of these are expected outcomes of the consumer buying process. Jin is shopping for clothes for school. He is very self confident and knows and trusts his classmates. Still, he would like to look nice on the first day. Jin is likely to use ________ problem solving as he purchases a new shirt for school? d. Limited Marks: 1 A person's food preferences, rituals, and even a sense of what is right and what is wrong can be strongly influenced by his/her ___________? e. Culture People may not be conscious of their true motivation for purchasing a specific product. This is especially true for socially consumed products such as luxury cars and designer fashions. They may say they are purchasing these products because they are of high quality or an excellent value. The real reason is more likely to be: a. Luxury products are a way for them to maintain their self image. _____________ are business customers who purchase goods to incorporate them into other products d. Producers Bruce is very frustrated. He trying to make copies of a handout for his 9:30 principles of marketing class and the copier is jammed. The copier is always jammed. He has complained to the purchasing agent several times, asking them to get a copier that works. Bruce is performing the role of _________? b. User What do we mean when we speak of the 80/20 rule? a. The first 20% of a firms customers buy 80% of its products. Age cohorts are an effective basis for market segmentation because e. People in the same age group have many similar experiences which could affect their consumption patterns Roxanne has completed her positioning analysis and believes she understands why her adult milk beverage has been performing so badly. Her product was the first product to use aseptic packaging, which allows milk to be stored at
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room temperature for long periods of time. Introduced in 1999, the product was positioned as a survival food because everybody was worrying about Y2K problems at the turn of the century. Today people are more concerned about nutrition and her aseptic milk is very low in fat. To take advantage of this, she changes her advertising slogan from "It will keep you alive in the next century" to "A healthy beverage, ready and waiting". Roxanne is trying to? a. Reposition her product against itself Santa Claus is trying to forecast demand for coal this Christmas. For the past 300 years, the number of naughty children (who will get coal in their stockings) has increased by 3% each year. Santa is likely to use the ____________ method to forecast demand.
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