3 - Change - Blackwood Reflections owned by Mr.Virjee,...

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Blackwood Reflections owned by Mr.Virjee, faced two years of consecutive losses, manufactures handcrafted African carvings. These are custom made carvings with a target market of middle to upper class families. However due to the recession, their business suffered losses that were hard to sustain leading Mr. Virjee to bring about a change in the company that he thought would boost sales and eventually make it profitable again. His idea of change meant that all his employees to work Saturdays on top of the normal 5-day work week, without any additional pay. This was met with stiff resistance from his employees even though the basis of his change was to be productive and save costs which would equate to profits. The employees initially thought that this was a short term solution which would eventually change back to the normal routine; however later on they realized that this was a permanent change. The owner threatened to fire any employee that would protest against this extra day of work. On Maslow’s hierarchy, safety and love are of paramount importance that
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3 - Change - Blackwood Reflections owned by Mr.Virjee,...

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