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viii PREFACE TO FOURTH EDITION Organic Compounds) was designed to give students a thorough training in the general reactions of the simpler members of each of the main classes of organic compounds, and in the methods by which an unknown compound could be first allocated to its class and then identified. Clearly, more advanced students will meet a wider range of members of each class of compound, and the final identification must usually be based on the melting- points of crystalline derivatives. We have therefore inserted in the account of each class a note of the types of crystalline deriva- tives which can be most rapidly and reliably prepared, with full experimental details. Our Tables of Melting-points of deriva- tives, given at the end of the book, have been very considerably extended, so that the advanced student, who, like the elementary student, must first allocate his unknown compound to its class, can now prepare one or more crystalline derivatives, and com- plete the identification by reference to these tables. The pre-
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