Organic 2 Review Problem 6

Organic 2 Review Problem 6 - was self-imposed\vhen this...

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PREFACE TO FOURTH EDITION ix Throughout this edition the nomenclature adopted is in general that recommended by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, and by the Chemical Society (1959). In the preparation of this edition, we are indebted for much help to many of our colleagues, and in particular to Dr. P. Sykes, Dr. F. B. Kipping, Dr. P. Maitland, Dr. J. Harley-Mason and Dr. R. E. D. Clark. We have maintained the standard which
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Unformatted text preview: was self-imposed \vhen this book was first written, namely, that all the experiments in the book had been critically examined, and then performed either by the authors, or under their super-vision. The heavy load of work \vhich this has involved would have been impossible without the willing, patient, and very considerable help of AIr. F. C. Baker and Mr. F. E. G. Smith. F. G. M. Cambridge, 1960 B.C.S....
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