Organic 2 Review Problem 7

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PREFACE TO THIRD EDITION FOR the production of this edition, we have made a thorough and critical revision of the whole contents of the book, based on our experience of its use in the laboratory and on the general advance in organic chemical practice. In addition to this general revision. however, we have extended the book in three main directions. The book as originally planned was intended to meet the needs primarily of pupils'in the senior forms at schools and of under- graduates up to the level of a Pass Degree. We have extended Parts II and III dealing with Preparations and with the Reactions and Identification of Organic Compounds so that the book should now cater fully for the needs of students working for Honours Degrees. In particular, the Preparations now include examples of most of the more simple standard reactions: for this pur- pose we have now added, for example, preparations illustrating the Benzidine Transformation, the Ullmann Condensation,
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