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Organic 2 Review Problem 8 - to this work In the original...

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PREFACE TO THIRD EDITION xi methods developed so largely by Pregl, and which usually require no more than 5 mgm. of material, necessitate prolonged training and an impeccable experimental technique, and give consistently reliable results only in the hands of full-time analysts. They are consequently unsuitable for students. The semi-micro methods of analysis, which usually require 20-50 mgm. of material, form an ideal compromise for student-training, for the necessary technique can be acquired after only a few attempts. These methods moreover provide the student with very valuable manipulative exercise, and serve as an introduction to the hand- ling of even smaller quantities of material which may arise in his post-graduate work. This section on Semi-microanalysis has been designed and written by Dr. P. Sykes, and is based on his experience of teaching such methods in the Cambridge labora- tories. We wish to thank him sincerely for a valuable contribution
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Unformatted text preview: to this work. In the original planning of this book we were at pains to ensure that the preparations in particular were designed to afford a minimum expenditure of time, materials and heating. We hope that the economy thus introduced will be especially appreciated in view of the recent heavily increased cost of chemicals, fuel and laboratory service. This increased cost, incidentally, must necessarily increase the attraction of the small-scale preparations referred to above. We are grateful to our colleagues for many valuable discussions and suggestions: in particular we would mention Dr. F. B. Kipping, Dr. P. Maitland, Dr. G. W. Kenner and Mr. J. Harley-Mason. We should also like to express once again our sincere thanks for the considerable help we have received from our laboratory assistants, Mr. F. C. Baker and Mr. F. E. Smith. F.G.M. B.C.S....
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