Organic 2 Review Problem 11

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xiv INTRODUCTION students of organic chemistry moreover remain familiar with a particular preparation, but fail to appreciate the value or significance of the process of which that preparation is merely one example: for instance, a student may often have a detailed knowledge of the preparation of acetanilide, but be unable to give a general account of the methods of acetylation, or of the practical value of the process of acetylation itself. Consequently in the following pages the description of most experiments (and particularly of the preparations) is preceded by a short account in small print of the chief theoretical considerations involved: in the case of preparations based on one of several alternative methods, a brief account is similarly given of these methods and of their comparative practical value. This combination of theory and practice will, it is hoped, both simplify and elucidate the practical study of organic chemistry, and enable the student to visualise his practical work as an orderly whole and not as a vast
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