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INTRODUCTION xv this section to medical students, biochemists, physiologists, etc., is obvious. We consider, however, that students of chemistry who are not reading any biological subject should have some practical knowledge of a branch of organic chemistry which is of the greatest scientific importance, and the industrial application of which will undoubtedly increase very widely in the future. At present it rarely occurs to such students that an organic reaction can be usefully promoted by the application of anything but the flame of a Bunsen burner! If students are carefully trained in accurate work, accidents in the laboratory should be of very rare occurrence. Since, however, they can never be entirely eliminated, it is hoped that the First Aid directions given in the Appendix will prove of value, particu- larly to the junior staff of laboratories, who by virtue of their duties as demonstrators are frequently the first to be called upon to help injured students. We wish to express our very sincere thanks to Dr. W. H Mills,
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