Organic 2 Review Problem 15

Organic 2 Review Problem 15 - etc., snapping while being...

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS to be observed during Laboratory Work. (1) Protection of the eyes. Safety goggles should always be worn over the eyes, especially when carrying out potentially dangerous operations, e.g., vacuum distillations, distillation of large volumes of inflammable liquids, and experiments requiring large quantities of metallic sodium. F or treatment of injuries to the eye, see p. 527. (2) Cuts. Most cuts which occur in the laboratory are caused either by glass tubing, condensers,
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Unformatted text preview: etc., snapping while being forced through perforated corks, with the result that the broken jagged end cuts the hands holding the cork, or by test-tubes, boiling-tubes and heavier glass cylinders breaking whilst being too forcibly corked, with similar results. Such accidents in either case are avoided by careful working. F or treatment of cuts, see p. 528. F or First-Aid Directions, see p. 526. xvm...
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