Organic 2 Review Problem 16

Organic 2 Review Problem 16 - they form a graded series to...

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ABBREVIATIONS The following abbreviations are used throughout this book: b.p. .... . boiling-point f.p. .... . freezing-point m.p. ... . melting-point d . . . . . density (g. per ml.) g gram(s) 1 litre(s) mg. .... . milligram(s) ml . .... . millilitre(s) G.MoI. ... . gram-molecule M Molar N. . . . . . Normal Atm. ... . Atmosphere-pressure S.T.P. ... . Standard temperature and Pressure The density of liquids, unless otherwise stated, is given at i5°C. The experiments described in Part I have been numbered, as
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Unformatted text preview: they form a graded series to illustrate the chief manipulative processes employed in practical organic chemistry. The experi-ments in Parts 11-V have not been numbered, as in general a selection must be made from them. In each part of the book, the experiments have been arranged as far as possible in logical order, although occasionally (as in Part IV) this is not necessarily the order of increasing difficulty. XlX...
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