Organic 2 Review Problem 21

Organic 2 Review Problem 21 - M ETHODS A ND M ANIPULATION 5...

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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 5 glass stirrer S is then placed so that the shaft is in the tube T, and is connected by a piece of string through the tube as shown, a knot or a cork preventing the stirrer from falling completely to the bottom of the beaker H which contains the oil. The apparatus is kept permanently fixed to a small retort stand, which holds the beaker on a gauze- covered ring I, and the thermometer and tube by the clamp J. The capillary is then placed as before against the thermometer, and the oil gently heated: meanwhile by means of the string the stirrer is kept steadily in motion and the oil well mixed. The thorough mixing of the oil in this apparatus, and the better control of its temperature, give therefore more accurate results than those obtained with the simple apparatus shown in Fig. I(B). The electrically heated type of melting-point apparatus, which has certain advantages over the above types, is described on p. 6^, Fig^ 33. Experiment
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