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6 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY benzoic acid, a small quantity of the substance is mixed with a known sample of benzoic acid, and the melting-point of the mixture determined. If the mixture has the normal sharp melting-point of benzoic acid, then the unknown substance must be benzoic acid itself: if the mixture has an indefinite melting- point, then the unknown substance is not identical with benzoic acid and by acting as an impurity is causing the indefinite melting- point. Identification by "mixed melting-points" is a valuable and frequently used process in organic research work. Experiment 2. Identification by Mixed Melting-points. Students should be provided with known (labelled) samples of one of the following series of compounds, the samples being finely ground so that no obvious difference in crystal form, etc ., is apparent. They should determine the melting-point of each compound in order to assure themselves that these melting-points lie too near together to enable any one compound to be identified
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