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io PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (A) A solid substance has crystallised from a solution, and it is necessary to separate the crystals (i.e., the solute) from the cold mother-liquor by filtration. (B) A hot solution has to be filtered to remove traces of insoluble impurities, and kept hot meanwhile to prevent crystallisation of the main solute, which would otherwise choke up the filter. (A) Filtration of crystals from the cold mother-liquor. This type of filtration is almost invariably performed with the aid of a Buchner flask and funnel, by means of which a rapid and almost complete separation can be obtained. The Buchner flask A (Fig. 4) consists of a simple thick-walled conical flask with a short side-arm for connection to a water-pump. Into the neck of the flask is fitted the Buchner funnel B which consists usually of a cylindrical porcelain funnel, the bed of which is pierced by a number of small holgs giving direct access through the stem of the funnel to the flask. Before filtration, one* layer of well-fitting
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