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METHODS AND MANIPULATION ii often cause rapid filtration, whereas increased suction may drag the finer particles of the solute into the pores of the filter-paper, and thus cause filtration to become very slow. When only a small quantity of solid material has to be filtered from a liquid, the small conical funnel C, usually known as a Hirsch funnel, is used in order to collect and drain the material on a very small filter-paper (see p. 68). One disadvantage of porcelain Buchner funnels (particularly when used in large classes) is the difficulty in detecting and removing solid material which, owing to evaporation of the filtrate, may have collected immediately below the perforated plate. This difficulty is removed in the newer types of funnel which are made of glass, and which have either a transparent glass plate perforated by holes or fine slots, or a plate of fine porous sintered glass. Although the glass funnels are more fragile than the porcelain ones, they will undoubtedly replace the
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