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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 15 Solvent. B. P. Inflammability. Remarks. Acetic acid 118° Not readily Hygroscopic. Hot (glacial) inflammable liquid gives pungent fumes. Frequently Ethanol used to dissolve (a) Absolute ethanol. Anhydrous, but contains some Strong OXldlSing benzene from azeotropic distillation of (b) with agents fo 2CO^ benzene. agciiu* ^p. £$y)' (b) Rectified ethanol, contains 95-6% ethanol, 4'4°o water. Care in using it with hygroscopic sub- stances. (f) Colourless industrial methylated spirit [I.M.S.], contains 95 vols of (6) and 5 vols of wood naphtha. Chloroform 61° Non-inflammable May contain traces of HCl, due to oxida- tion or hydrolysis. Carbon 77° tetrachloride Carbon disulphide should never be used if any alternative solvent is available, as it has a dangerously low flash-point, and its vapours form exceedingly explosive mixtures with air. Ether as a solvent for recrystallisation is much safer than carbon di- sulphide, but again should be avoided whenever possible, partly
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