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16 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY constitution to itself: thus alcohol will usually dissolve other hydroxy compounds, benzene will dissolve hydrocarbons, etc., but there are many exceptions to this rule. Therefore the experimental determination is alone of value. Place about o-i g. of the crude powdered compound in a clean dry test-tube, and add sufficient of the possible solvent just to cover the compound. If the compound dissolves readily in the cold, the solvent is obviously unsuitable. If it does not dissolve, warm the mixture gently over a very small Bunsen flame until the liquid boils: it is advantageous at this stage to hold the forefinger loosely over the mouth of the tube to prevent undue loss of vapour. Continue adding the liquid if necessary until almost all the substance has dissolved. If a large amount of the solvent is required (e.g., one-half to two-thirds of the tube) then the low solubility renders the solvent unsuitable. If an almost clear solution is obtained, cool by immersing the tube
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