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18 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY lisation occurs. This should be avoided, for even if the oil subsequently crystallises well, it will probably occlude a moderate quantity of crude mother-liquor, and its purity will therefore not be high. In such cases it is best to re-heat the mixture until a clear hot solution is obtained, and then allow it to cool spontaneously, stirring and scratching with a glass rod from time to time. It is thus often possible to induce crystal- lisation to start, and it will then proceed without the production of the less stable oil. During the cooling and scratching, a minute quantity of the crude material may occasionally be added to " seed " the solution and thus facilitate initial crystallisation. Formation of an oil or a syrup on attempted recrystallisation is most likely to occur when an entirely new preparation is carried out in the laboratory. When successful recrystallisation is once accomplished, the laboratory becomes " inocu- lated
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