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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 19 funnel, after a short preliminary draining from the mother-liquor, may be quickly washed on the filter with a small quantity of the pure solvent, and the draining continued without interruption. An efficient removal of traces of the mother-liquor can thus be effected. (3) Drying of Recrystallised Material. It is now required to obtain the recrystallised material in a thoroughly dry condition and this can seldom be achieved solely by draining on the filter. One rapid method of drying the thoroughly drained material is to transfer it with the aid of a spatula on to a pad of several thick- nesses of drying paper (i.e., coarse-grained, smooth-surfaced filter-paper), place a similar pad on top and then press the material strongly, occasionally transferring it to fresh paper as the earlier sheets become too soiled by the mother-liquor absorbed. The final traces of mother-liquor can then be rapidly removed (if the material is physically and chemically stable up to 100°) by drying
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