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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 21 Experiment 4. Choice of Solvent and Complete Re- crystallisation. Students should be supplied with distilled water and with the more common organic solvents, and also with the compounds mentioned below. Taking each compound in turn they should decide, by the methods described in (i) above, which of these six solvents is the best for recrystallisation. They should then recrystallise about 5 g. of at least two of the com- pounds, dry the product, and whenever possible take its melting- point. Naphthalene, oxalic acid (hydrated), cinnamic acid, acetamide, benzamide, m-dinitrobenzene, p -nitrophenol, toluene p -sulphon- amide. Students should appreciate that this is probably the most important experimental work (for their purpose) described in this book, and it should therefore be performed with great care. Moreover, on subsequent occasions in the laboratory when short periods are available, e.g. y
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