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22 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY of charcoal, however, as it tends to adsorb some of the solute as well as .the coloured impurity. Students should distinguish carefully between the animal charcoal used for decolorisation, and the wood charcoal which is used for absorbing easily liquefiable gases, and which is therefore used in gas respirators and also, when chilled in liquid air, for obtaining high vacua. Animal charcoal can usually be used as described above without any serious risk of impurities originally present in the charcoal itself dis- solving in the hot solvent, and then separating again with the recrys- tallised material. To remove such risk entirely, the animal charcoal can be boiled under reflux with dilute hydrochloric acid (i : i by volume) for 3 hours. The mixture is then diluted with hot distilled water, filtered through a Buchner funnel, and washed repeatedly with much boiling distilled water until all trace of acid has been removed. It is then well drained and finally dried by heating gently in an evapora-
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