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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 27 ducts, it can always be cleaned by pouring acids, dichromate mixture, etc ., down the column, or even by being allowed to stand overnight immersed in such cleaning agents. For the fractionation of high-boiling liquids it is advisable to have a kgging of cotton-wool D around the column as shown. To use such a column, the crude liquid is placed in a round- bottomed flask C having a short wide neck, the usual fragments of unglazed porcelain are added, and the column then fixed in position, great care being taken to ensure that it is mounted absolutely vertically, again in order to avoid channelling. A water-condenser is then fitted in turn to the side-arm of the column, particularly when the components of the mixture have low boiling-points. The mixture is then heated with a very small flame, carefully protected from draughts to ensure a uniform supply of heat. It is essential that the initial heating of the liquid in C (while it is still mounting the cold column) should not
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