Organic 2 Review Problem 45

Organic 2 Review Problem 45 - lower end of E. If it is...

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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 29 (A) arm is then fitted to an ordinary distillation-flask F, which serves as a receiver for the distillate. Well-bored rubber stoppers should be used throughout the apparatus, and immediately before being inserted in position should be lightly smeared with a solu- tion of good-quality rubber in benzene to ensure an air-tight fit. (For a ground-glass distilling flask similar to D, see Fig. 23(F), p. 4 6 -) Before performing a distillation, the flask D is filled not more than half-full with the liquid, some fragments of porcelain] added, and the capillary, thermometer and receiver then placed in position, the side-arm of the receiver F being connected through a manometer to an efficient water-pump. As the pressure falls to a steady value, the screw-clip above the capillary E is adjusted until a steady stream of fine bubbles is emerging through the
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Unformatted text preview: lower end of E. If it is anticipated that the liquid will boil below about 100, the whole of the bulb of the receiver F is cooled with a stream of water as shown, the waste being collected by a funnel below and run off to the sink. In most cases, how-ever, it is sufficient to have the bulb of F dipping into a basin of ice-water. A water-condenser is not necessary with this appara-tus if the distillation is carried out slowly. The liquid in D is then heated steadily, preferably in an oil-bath, and in these circum-stances steady ebullition should occur: the temperatu-e of the vapour and the pressure in the apparatus, indicated by the thermometer and the manometer respectively, should then be read. f Or carborundum nodules, cf. p. 8....
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