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32 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY distillation. A is a Claisen flask, fitted up as already described, and heated in a beaker of transparent medicinal paraffin, the temperature of which is carefully controlled throughout the distillation. The Claisen flask is then fitted to a water-condenser B, which leads directly into the main receiver C of the triangle. This triangle is connected through the upper tap D to the manometer and pump, and by the lower tap E to a supplementary (bottle) receiver F. The tube leading from E to the receiver F is double-walled: the inner tube gives direct access from C through the tap E to the receiver F, while the outer (annular) tube provides access from F through the small holes H to the side-arm JJ' carrying the three-way tap G. G is made to give either direct access through the tube JJ', or access from the outside through J downwards to F, or from the outside through J' to the mano- meter and pump. The triangle is then connected to the manometer (fitted in a "side-chain'* as before) and through the trap K (a Buchner
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