Organic 2 Review Problem 49

Organic 2 Review Problem 49 - flask C. (A ground-glass unit...

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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 33 (A) FIG. 15. current of steam, provided that the compound is volatile, and the impurities non-volatile, under these conditions. The apparatus consists of a round-bottomed flask C (Fig. 15 (A)), having a glass inlet tube which reaches almost to the bottom of the flask and which is connected to a steam generator D: the flask C has also a glass outlet tube, connected in turn to the water- condenser E. The flask is clamped at an angle as shown to prevent the solution in C from being splashed into the entrance of the outlet tube and thus being blown over mechanically into the condenser: this purpose is achieved more completely if in addition a still-head (shown on a larger scale in Fig. IS(B)) is used in place of the outlet tube, since spray will be trapped in the still-head, and returned as a steady stream of liquid to the
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Unformatted text preview: flask C. (A ground-glass unit combining the steam-inlet and the still-head is shown in Fig. 22(1), p. 43.) The material to be steam-distilled (mixed with some water if a solid compound, but not otherwise) is placed in C, and a vigorous current of steam blown in from D. The mixture in C is thus rapidly heated, and the vapour of the organic compound mixed with steam passes over and is condensed in E. For distillations on a small scale it is not necessary to heat C: if, however, the flask C contains a large volume of material or material which requires prolonged distillation, it should be heated by a Bunsen burner, otherwise the steady condensation of steam in C will produce too great a volume of liquid....
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